Fallin’ for Tartan…

Hello loves, What comes to your mind when you think about the fall?? if you ask me I’d say the dried trees, fallen leaves🍂🍂, knitted cardigans ,warm jackets , mufflers, boots , hot tea /coffees ☕being at home
🏡watching my favorite movies, Television series (well that’s a lil impossible isn’t?) 😜😜…

The Croppy Affair….

Hello Loves !!

The feeling of “First Time” is always beautiful, always nerve wrecking, always leaving you with the “Butterflies” in your stomach….But somehow I absolutely Love the idea of “First time” ….

Here am with my first post as a blogger… Well, there is a first time for everything isn’t? So this is my first and hoping this isn’t going to be my last….