Overall, life’s pretty good

While the rest of the Country is still enjoying those crazy, lazy hazy summer days, Bangalore has already started to give us some good rain and some chills. Few years ago, I called myself a “Summer Girl” and thought someday I would settle in Miami where Summer never ends 😃 I realized I don’t enjoy…

Just about Time

Time flies so quick… It feels just like yesterday that I had my blog created and my first post being published… I can’t believe it’s a Month today already. After so many years of thinking but not putting it into an action, so much of self-doubt, so much of questions, fear, and nervousness. May be, I was waiting for this day to come. I truly believe that ” For everything there’s a right time ” and I somehow refer to one of my favorite bible verses ” There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heaven “(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) guess my right time for my baby (btw I call it my baby)😊😊was a month ago.

Be you…

Hello Loves,
On the way to work listening to the music.. I came across this beautiful song which i’d been ignoring from quite sometime. Ever wondered ? The songs sometimes are written , composed just for us? Well, I do most of the time.