Embrace who you are…

It’s been a while now that I posted something, am sorry loves that I have not been able to keep up with you guys as often as I promised.

Nevertheless, what matters is am here with yet another story to share with you guys.

Well, for the ones who has been following my blog posts on insta and Facebook regularly –  would know that I’d taken this little Christmas 🎄 break last year. Breaks are always so good isn’t? Getting up without having to fear you need to get ready go to work or rather an alarm 🚨 waking you up Wow!!Those are the happiness at least to me.

Well having said that whenever I take these breaks to go back home 🏡. Courtesy my folks back home make sure I eat so much that I end up putting on weight which eventually goes away.


However things weren’t the same this time. I have always been Petite and am absolutely fine with it. I never had a fear of putting on much. High metabolism and stuff, I always had the liberty to eat what I loved, however, things do change.

I noticed those extras kilos and along with those fat came People’s comments – their advices as to what I should be doing, eating and blah 👅. Well, People sometimes can just take away your confidence.

I started getting a little low in confidence, I cancelled the photo shoots 📸 that came my way. I somehow stopped liking myself… Trust me am my own Favorite otherwise, but the feeling wasn’t the same. In other words I wasn’t accepting my own self, that’s Bad isn’t?

It was that phase of my life where I was like ” Is it only me who’s getting Uglier day by day?” 😂😂

The feeling is awful when you can’t fit in the clothes you loved the most. My heart ❤ ached every moment I looked at the mirror. The question was “Did I do something about it”? The answer is “No” instead I kept sulking and dreaming that one day a miracle will take place and I’ll wake up fit as I was before. Lame!!!Sometimes we promise ourselves much but we fail to keep up.

But the point came where I had to stop ✋ disliking myself. All my life all I knew was to love myself so yes I wasn’t doing a justice to myself for putting on a little extra…


I pulled myself up, started working out 🏋🏾, watched out my diet but most importantly I told myself no matter what I need to accept and embrace myself for who I am.

I was really reluctant in posting these pics because I didn’t feel it was one my best so far but I broke that part and here am doing this for you all who’s feeling the same way like I did few days ago.

No matter what people’s going to judge you, you just do you and stop being harsh on yourself embrace yourself with all the shortcomings life’s to offer you…


Until the next post, keep being Fierce and keep it Stylish….



Outfit Details:

👗: Ajio

👞: Street style store

💼: Ni Hoa Fashions