Keep the Sparkle Alive…

There always has been something about Diwali that fascinated me. May be its environment, the Diya’s, the sparklers… I always used to be excited about Diwali. Though I am a catholic by religion but I fancied Diwali over Christmas, Well, I , have no specific reason why I love Diwali and honestly I never even tried to figure it out until now. I just simply adore this “Festival of Lights”.

Just about Time

Time flies so quick… It feels just like yesterday that I had my blog created and my first post being published… I can’t believe it’s a Month today already. After so many years of thinking but not putting it into an action, so much of self-doubt, so much of questions, fear, and nervousness. May be, I was waiting for this day to come. I truly believe that ” For everything there’s a right time ” and I somehow refer to one of my favorite bible verses ” There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heaven “(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) guess my right time for my baby (btw I call it my baby)😊😊was a month ago.

Be you…

Hello Loves,
On the way to work listening to the music.. I came across this beautiful song which i’d been ignoring from quite sometime. Ever wondered ? The songs sometimes are written , composed just for us? Well, I do most of the time.