Heya! I am Beccie…Thanks for stopping by…

Here’s a little about me..Sikkimese by Blood … Banglorean by heart…  Born stylish, never been to a fashion school..Well ,do we really need to..?Why Blogging about Fashion must be your question isn’t??

Well , I feel  I have an unending affair with Fashion and style ever since I was a child .. It defines who Am ….. !! 

 I grew up in a Hostel where all I could wear was a uniform…. Tho lil I was with no fashion sense may be then but i really dint like the idea of looking like anyone else.. I would desperately wait for my vacations so I could wear clothes of my choice and stand out….. From then until now there hasn’t been much of a looking back…

I may not be good at many things however I feel I am pretty good at grooming people in terms of clothing,  the appearance and so on …So here I am to blog about  what I love the most my daily outfit, my style and how to stay stylish in a budget..