Three is Not a crowd…

What happens when three super talented women come together as one (don’t judge us we are talented) aren’t we??

When I initially started my blogging and photoshoots ,I always had this in mind “How about I get to work with a woman” and see I got it. I so believe in “Law of attraction” When you ask, you shall receive.

So, when I was asked to collaborate with these two lovely ladies I dint think twice. Well, I guess I dint even have a reason to say “No”.

So, we hit it off..!!!


What more could I have asked for when a Photographer who is so young, vibrant so enthusiastic .She’s one phenomenal woman I must say I was lucky to have worked with. Lot of things to learn from.

Do check her insta handle @purniphotography for some amazing clicks.

And yes a beautiful blogger who is extremely passionate about what she does, very professional and easy to get along with to share the ideas. She’s a lot more than what you see….. Do check her web page for some quick fashion updates Priya



It was a last moment decision on what we wore. Luckily that we both had similar stuff in the wardrobe. We decided to wear Denim Dungarees .Well, like I always say that’s the beauty of overalls isn’t? The days you are out of clothes like am always 😜the overall comes so piece doing almost most of the stuff I couldn’t be happier. The best part of dungarees are it will make u look good even if its shabby and unkept…so yes dungarees are the perfect outfit for the last moment decision. Well, I personally share a very close relationship with the Dungarees, my mom says when I was about 8 I had a pair of Dungarees not the denim one though I was so much in love with it that I wouldn’t want to wear anything else other than that when we go out and guess she still has preserved that for my daughter to be someday 😜

So you see my love for dungarees are since forever. 😜



We kept it really simple and effortless which really worked. I teamed it up with my forever 21 crop top and Allan Solly Brogues.


Most importantly we made ourselves feel so comfortable .

And hell yeah we made so many memories,

And I so believe that “sometimes a girl friend is a girl who you never even met”

Until the next post keep being Fierce and keep it stylish



Outfit Details

Dungarees : Inmark

Crop top : Forever 21

Brogues : Allen solly

Watch : DKNY


9 Comments Add yours

  1. daintystreet says:

    Girl this twinning is so cute. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you love :)❤️


  2. Sangeetha says:

    Superb Superb superrrr…….no more words. Very nice write up also. This time you are conveying to appreciate every soul, appreciate their hard work, at the same time respect.

    So nice message becksy. Most of the time women hardly appreciate an other women.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwww!! I know jealousy , inferiority complex takes over isnt?? Who knows better than us.. but i feel everyone has their own unique ness and beauty but we fail to realize cz we busy comparing ourselves to others how ever we rock as u know.. mumah.. thanks for stopping by ..


    1. So do I .. Yay!!! Xo


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