Make broken look beautiful

Its 4:51 am and It’s just like “sleepless in Seattle” :)Oppsy!!!

Let me put it this way its like “ Sleepless in Bangalore”…😜😜😜

Well, to be honest a lot of thing chattering in my mind. So much that I keep asking myself “How much is too much”??🤔🤔💭💭

This was the exact time last year where I ‘d my breakup with one of the most spoken exes of mine…😢😢 Sob 😦 Sob :(.

On Thanksgiving He said ” Thank you so much for all the love , Noone can ever Love me the way you do” and the next moment instead of a Turkey 🦃🦃🦃I got a Heartbreak 💔💔 Ekks!! Bad , Super Bad isnt?


Time flies by so quick its been a year now and it feels like its just another story am sharing and I laugh at my insanity .However, my condition a year ago wasn’t like how it is now.

Off course for the same reason that the breakups are awful..It takes away the piece of you, Leaves you broken , bruised n hurt. Well, Am sure everyone who’s reading this has been through this at least once in a lifetime ( for the ones who hasn’t I wish y’all should go through it once for it makes you more stronger than who u actually are ) .Hope this doesn’t sound so rude if it does am sorry 🙏🙏

Am writing  this post to Thank that  guy in particular who hurt me and left me ,cause If he dint , I wouldn’t be where I am now and off course I wouldnt be  sharing this little story to you all. So, the moral of the story is “whatever happens it does for good”. I know the same statement a year ago sounded as lame as it could. I hated everyone around me who said the same. However I must say I was lucky that I had couple of people who really stuck by me, listened to my story over n over again 😂😂.Abused that guy along with me just to make me feel better ( hehe So immature isn’t?) I met some amazing people, I now have my baby(thatcurlygirly), I got some very good people working with me bringing the best they can out of me 😊.

Lucky me I had my siblings around me calling me making sure am better, friends calling me from miles away just to see me smile again ,contributing to my blog, giving me feedback suggestions and yes not to forget you lovelies for showing that love without even knowing me in person. It feels so nice to have you ‘ll around. ( Please Stay)…


I would like to end this post to let one and all out there who’s  reading my post and if you are going through that little breakups just know that you dont have to rush to be better , its okay to take time, to cry 😢😢be miserable, Its okay to be .Totally!!!!

I personally don’t believe in “ Picking up the pieces and moving on” I mean where are the pieces to pick up from?

I dont even believe in “Time heals “ for I need the healing now and not later

I don’t believe in going away for a vacation either cause I know I can’t run away from myself.

So just Be.. You will move on when you have to but don’t stop from falling in ❤Love ❤again. Fall as many times as you want..

Go ahead kiss 💋💋as many Frogs🐸🐸 as you can  but make sure you turn into a “Princess” 👑dont care if he turns into a “Prince” or no :):) 😁😁

So here am sending my Gratitude  and love across the world for sticking around me in my thick and thins, for making me believe what I was capable of. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the Love and Support.


Keep dreaming and keep it stylish even when u are Hurt … wink wink






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    1. Thank you so much 😊

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  2. A.D!! says:

    I like what you’ve written. It is hard admitting things like this on such a public platform and it takes courage to open up about your feelings. You are a strong woman 🙂 beautiful too and I love how you’ve carried yourself not just in the picture but with how you are taking it 🙂 good luck to you.


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    1. Thank you so much Aditi for stopping by and as well for your kind words…. it really meant a lot … xo


  3. Haha…. I felt the same when i had breakup but now i am also super strong. 🙅

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    1. Way to go girl… stay Strong n keep sharing ur beauty tips


  4. Flo says:

    Beautiful beck look like a princess… Coz the radiance and innocence shows on ur face..looking gorgeous girl

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    1. Thank you my girl… much love


  5. girlisart says:

    inspiring story. stay strong

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    1. Thank You sweets 💪🏻💪🏻


    1. Thank you @Anyabelle 😊😊


  6. Regyna bhutia says:

    So proud of u lil one..keep shining!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you my biggy 😜


  7. Sangertha says:

    Wow so nice becksy, and can imagine those days…….But being strong is the strongest act,which only strong people can are one among them and you got back.This time your quotes, words has inspired lot many women. Waiting for more and more inspirational and motivating statements from you curly girly.

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    1. My sangee!! How can I forget those days.. and thanks a lot for standing by me those tearful days of my life.. happy Thanks givin


  8. Lalitha says:

    Good job gal … Keep it coming and believe in urself . 👍

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    1. Thank you Lolli…. 😘😘😘


  9. Oh wow such a gorgeous outfit! ❤

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  10. Saikat Das says:

    Yo.. !!
    So happy to see this post…was eagerly waiting for this 🙂

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    1. Hey!! Thanks good things come towards the end heeh


  11. Ana says:

    Watch out .. !! This blogger is Raw & Real …. !! Those words are totally meant for me. U have been my inspiration …. !! Yess.. I will be kissing more frogs now on .. hahahhaa. Love u .. keep shining.

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    1. After all we are sisters.. so am I.. am gonna kiss as many as it comes jehe


  12. clinzy blaze says:

    Awesome…. Visit for more

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    1. Sure shall 🙂 thanks a lot


      1. clinzy says:

        My pleasure, Follow my blog

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      2. clinzy says:

        Thanks alot

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