Fallin’ for Tartan…

Hello loves,

What comes to your mind when you think about the fall?? if you ask me I’d say the dried trees, fallen leaves🍂🍂, knitted cardigans ,warm jackets , mufflers, boots , hot tea /coffees ☕being at home 🏡watching my favorite movies, Television series  (well that’s a lil impossible isn’t?) 😜😜

However, it definitely has to be one of my favorite seasons. It has an entirely different look altogether. I feel even the dried trees gives us a hope that it’s just taking a break from blossoming again as fresh as ever🌿🍂🌳. More than anything else the fall always excited me as a kid. It sort of gave me a notification that winter vacation is coming and we used to get two months of winter break. As I grew up in the hostel, winter break meant a lot.. Going home for xmas, 🎄☃spending time with my siblings, eat good food, gifts so on and so forth. Well, everything seems to be vivid even now….

However, the City – Bangalore where I live doesn’t exactly give me the same picture of the Fall from where I come from – Sikkim  ( not that am complaining) like I mentioned in my earlier post this city has an absolutely amazing weather.It indeed gives me a lot of options to play around with the clothing’s and I just love that. Although, I come from a cold part of the Country I somehow like clothes which are on the lighter side and this city’s weather gives me that chance  throughout the year.😊😊

So to welcome this beautiful fall, I wore this warm tartan skirt, bohemian sweater and a suede boots. As we all know Tartans has been ruling the Fashion ever since it existed I guess be it in the form of dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and blazers. It has such a classic patterns besides i love it when Tartan meets the skirts because my love for skirts are never ending since my childhood. I just love them. I can wear them almost every day and never get tired .Skirts can be so sassy, flirty , businesslike, elegant and fun and shouts femininity  at the same time.


The moment I saw this skirt I knew it had to be in my wardrobe – It’s warm, it’s cool , its sexy and somehow it gives me that vintage feel too. I teamed it up with this lovely bohemian sweater which is a gift from my sister (well, I forced her to gift me 😜) there was this sweater on sale and that was that time of my life where I was totally broke 😜. Nonetheless I own it now and it’s my absolute favorite. You’ll see me often wear it. I mostly don’t match  my shoes with the outfit I wear like I mentioned in my earlier post so nothing other than this flat suede boots which is super comfy and cool came to my mind.. I must tell that this boots of mine are too old yet am not ready to let go… Am sure am never gonna find em anywhere (btw its from the tibetan market which I was lucky to get it three years ago).

I mostly don’t wear much of the  accessories as my hair does it all however Just to give a little oomph I wore a bow tie from Jack n Jones . By the way for all the ones who think bow ties are just for men then you’re totally wrong and If you find bow ties to be very formal then what you can do is incorporate with a casual look like mine and make it as a choker which will make you shine totally .


So, here it is for all girls who are like me who sort of hates wearing heavy clothes… I hope you’ll enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed posting it.

Until the next post.. Keep it Fierce and keep Stylish..

Happy Fall loves ❤


Outfit Details:

Skirt: Ni hao Fashions

Boots: Tibetan market

Bohomein sweater: Tibetan market

Bow Tie: jack n jones












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  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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    1. Am so glad you did it.. stay tuned for more

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      1. I SHALL–FORTHWITH!!!! 🙂

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  2. Abhay says:

    Warm morning,
    falls remind me of the cold country climate, where you sit close to a fireplace gulping aged country wine siting next to ur saint Bernard lying on the woolen carpet. But taking about the city where you are living in, you might miss on the real climate.
    its not very often i see people wearing the cloths which u are posing with, but such cloths worn favoring the climate complements the seasons of the years. Such dresses would add more flavor to the cool climate around us, walking across the street and finding one dressed in these combination will definitely makes us feel the climate around us.

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    1. Thanks a lot sweetheart…….. Your comments means a lot. Stay tuned for more to come.. Happy Fall to you 🙂


  3. Florentina says:

    Beck this post made me think of Kalimpong….How we waited for winter to come coz winter vacation was around the bend…And when your in boarding school all you await for is the long winter vacation…
    As for your skirt it’s colourful bright and fresh
    And your the girl in the yellow boots with such cute small feet
    Ur glowing and look fabulous
    Beck ur pretty inside and out
    I know it coz I know what a beautiful heart
    Love u girl

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    1. Flo trust me.. I was thinking that my blog post is so incomplete without ur comment and the moment i thot so i see this.. I love the way u do the detailing about the attire.. U motivate me a lot.. U have a lovely heart too and I know that.. Love u much gal… And ty so much for ur genuine support and care… Xo


  4. Arjun shivanna says:

    GAL in the YELLOW BOOTS!! ❤ ❤
    beccs u look richiee rich in this pics.. 😉 LONDON LONDON!!!! heheh i dont know why did i just say that.hmm hmmmmmm rom com with climate eh? perfect paring ❤ couple of pics wer kinda lonely types.. y??

    As always u look STUNNING! beccs.. i am singing la la laaaa la la..beccs need to see some action get on with some videos i am tho waiting.. and i want to see u in some desi attire.. heheh a small request from u fan 😀

    love u becccss!! ❤

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  5. Ana says:

    u made me miss those hostel days and anxiously waiting for winter hols… !! last day cleaning 😛 .. !!…
    Beautiful Lady with Beautiful outfit and Beautiful Blog … !!… get going ..!!

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    1. Bon Fire anta sungur ko masu hehe …. Thank you jersey girl.. Xo


      1. Ana says:

        sungur ko masu le sleepy sleepy … miss those days hai.. !!… Sr. Crysantha ko gingan gulli gulli song.. charey ankha le hamilai herdai

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      2. I know how innocent were we.. Miss those days …


  6. Deepa says:

    Nyc post swetzz… asusual u lyk pretty 🙂 in all outfits…

    True bow ties r nt mnt only fr men as dy do look cute on my frnd 😉 ;-)…..

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    1. It will look good on you too .. My girl.. Xoxo


  7. Karuna says:

    Wohhh very well written Babe’s… The pictures are very beautiful… very natural… no editing not photoshopped… perfect capture. In all my previous comments I hv praised you for ur fashion sense n ur charm.. but here I would like to praise the beautifully captured pics… The skirt..shoes… sweater.. bow.. All are vibrant n very well matched with each other.. n yes the camera has captured it well.. n of course u looks pretty as always… keep posting..😍😍


    1. Awwww my lady .. You never fail to make me smile 🙂 and ur comment just made me smile 🙂


  8. Sangeeths says:

    Mmmm…Very nice one.
    more than reading I would love to admire your pictures. My apologies cz you are just diverting my attention. So can you make your picture to talk….. So that can admire you more, at the same try to ape u… of course not possible na. But very nice one you are mast kalandar……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sangeee thanks for being so kind.. I remember how i tortured you for the clarity hehe 😂😂


  9. rezyna tasho bhutia says:

    jus luv ur post n u luk awesome lil one!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my biggie big 🙂 xo


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